Kids Say the Darndest Things…

November 23, 2012

Today, I have finished teaching both my units here at INATEK. There were many failures as well as some bright moments. Next week, I will continue to work in the Language Center, hopefully tutoring TOEFL, performing research and creating an English Club. Most of my students seem excited to continue practicing their English speaking and writing skills and I hope our new activities go over well on campus.

Writing proved to be an interesting challenge for many students. As in any writing, my students had their mistakes as they tried very hard to express themselves well. Below are a some of the more amusing excerpts from some of the essays, tests, and class discussions. Enjoy!

“Education for all is a program of Rwanda to make children 12 years for free”

“Drug Diller like cheaper drugs like marijuana”

“When I go to the USA, I want to see a tomb of Martin Luther King Jr. and a tomb of 2Pac.”

In a formal business letter: “How are you Minister of Education? I am Ok.”

From our friend who normally speaks English well: “It has been too long. We miss you gays!”

In a discussion for an evening class:

Teacher: What is an occupation or a job? Give me an example.

Student: Chooker!

Teacher: Wait what? A hooker? You know what a hooker is?

Student: A chooker!

Teacher: Wait, a cooker? Like a chef?

Student: Yes, but what is a hooker?

“It help the people in smelling in photosynthesis the trees helps on it in that transformation of oxygen.”

“As women give birth involuntarily….”

“So, as conclusion, Rwanda has the good climate, temperature are moderate, the rain fall is enough, so it is the best of the best country.”

One Response to “Kids Say the Darndest Things…”

  1. Lyla Kirsch Says:

    Dearest Katie, we love your blogs, and read between the lines, and know it must now be easy, but, are so very proud of all you are doing! How about your living conditions? And your roommate, is that all good? We sent a padded package to you in Rwanda, Christmas gifts, but wrote reading materials on it……do hope you will get it…….just had the kids here for Thaksgiving, and then heading out to Santa Barabara for Christmas ………love and miss you! Aunt Lyla

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